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About Me

Guess you cared about getting to know about me. My name is Miisty! (or Miist). Independent female artist who draws a lot lol, and it's usually erotica. However, I do enjoy creating pieces more than just that! such as horror and cutesy stuff! (maybe even something super cool and actiony). Art is very much my passion, I love creating it, indulging in it and making friends from it! I don't care what field you're in, if you make fire content (Music, Videogames, Animations, Art, Voice Acting, 3d Models/Sculptures, etc...) then let's make something fucking cool together!
My favorite things to do is designing characters and drawing comics, although I try my best to learn new skills whenever I can (Story Telling, 3D modeling, Animations, etc). I have potential projects I would like to work on in the future! (Starlist, Necrodyssey) but I just need the right time. Everyday I try to work my best so that I'm a step closer to making my art my career, so that I can support my family doing what I love and hopefully leaving some mark in this world.


-Body/Cosmic/Psychological Horror
-Plants and Animals
-Horror, Puzzle and Rhythm Games
-Big Bara Monster Men
-True Crime
-Cherries and Blackberries


-Sensitive/ Easily Offended People
-Cocky cunts
-Cheap Jumpscares
-Environmentally insensitive assholes
-Big Bugs that will fly straight at me
-Harsh Chemical Smells

Fun Facts

-Birthday: December 8 (Sagittarius)
-I have 3 cats and 1 Dog (Avalon, Milo, Juno and Diesel)
-Studying Wiccan/Witchcraft
-Puerto Rican/ Honduran
-I can crack my fingers repeatedly n it makes cool popping sounds ig